"RCH Consulting was founded on the simple belief that projects, large or small, don't fail because of a lack of technical expertise — they fail because of a lack of communication."

  • Mill Overview
  • Mine Air Heater
  • Mine Exhaust and Headframe
  • Dragline Team
  • Shaft Intake Fan
  • Bucketwheel Reclaimer
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Impact Crusher
  • Underground Mine Overview
  • Haul Truck Team
  • Steering Bushing
  • Hydrotransport Facility
  • Shaft Intake Fan
Mill Overview1 Mine Air Heater2 Mine Exhaust and Headframe3 Dragline Team4 Shaft Intake Fan5 Bucketwheel Reclaimer6 Vibrating Screen7 Impact Crusher8 Underground Mine Overview9 Haul Truck Team10 Steering Bushing11 Hydrotransport Facility12 Shaft Intake Fan13
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